Your Estate Assistant, LLC ​​

Senior Move Manager ~ @HOME Specialist ~ Estate Dissolution

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My mom is moving from her home of 49 years to an assisted living facility. I live halfway across the country and can't take enough time off work to handle everything she needs help with. Can you assist us?
Yes. Your Estate Assistant would be honored. We know the feeling of being many miles away from those in need of our help.  We'll do everything possible to ease that burden for all involved by working closely with long distance family members and your loved one. 

I don't want to see everything just thrown away. How do you handle stuff?
Your Estate Assistant is environmentally conscientious and goes the extra mile to reuse and repurpose whenever possible.  A multi-faceted approach often works which includes things like consignment, charitable / thrift store contributions, various community postings, local scrap yards, 'art from scrap' artisans and garage sale. 

My dad’s new living situation is much smaller than his present home.  ​How do we decide what he can take with him?
Your Estate Assistant will create a floor plan of the new space(s) and help you decide what furnishings will fit.

How are you different from a moving company?
Your Estate Assistant is both your project manager and advocate for the duration. And while we don't provide moving services, ​we assist you in identifying your transition goals and what will be necessary to make that happen. 

Will you help me find a moving or storage company?
Yes. We’ve done our homework where moving and storage companies are concerned and have identified preferred providers.  ​Whether you’re moving a household, wish to store a little or a lot, or have a few designated items to ship, Your Estate Assistant will procure estimates on your behalf and oversee the entire process.  

​Is Your Estate Assistant, LLC insured?
Yes. We are bonded and carry professional liability.

The house we were left to deal with is piled high with so much stuff I can't even see the furniture. 
​Can you help with this?

Yes. Collections that got out of hand often become part of a home that has had the same occupant for many years. Hoarding is another aspect we deal with. Your Estate Assistant will help you determine what services are necessary to achieve your ultimate dissolution 
or transition goal.

​​​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions
and Concerns

Who typically uses Your Estate Assistant? While no two situations are the same, these are most common:

1. Individuals and Families exploring the possibility of making an existing home senior-safe
2. Those looking for assistance with downsizing and simplifying, usually in preparation for a move
3. A death or divorce has ocurred and an estate dissolution
is required (often conducted for an Attorney, Executor or Administrator) 

What happens during the initial consultation?

​Your Estate Assistant listens to your needs, expectations and concerns. We'll walk the property with you and assess the entire situation.  We discuss your goals and overall timeline; we may ask you questions for clarity and we'll do our best to answer your questions.​

How much will your service cost me?
Based on the initial consultation, Your Estate Assistant will provide you with a menu of services & solutions, and an estimate.  No two clients require the exact same services to complete their transition or dissolution so costs vary. 

Will Your Estate Assistant provide a written Service Agreement?
Yes. Before any services are rendered, Your Estate Assistant will provide you an itemized Services Agreement for your review, approval and signature. 

Will extra services be needed to complete my home modifications, move or dissolution?
Additional services not provided by Your Estate Assistant may be necessary in order to complete your desired home modification(s),  move or dissolution. For example, if excessive trash exists on or within the property, Your Estate Assistant may require a dumpster or roll-off. The dumpster is considered an extra service or third party procurement for which you are 100% responsible.

I don't have friends or family to ask for help.
Can you assist me?

​Yes. Your Estate Assistant knows full well that when it comes to dealing with other peoples stuff, very few of us have friends or family willing or able to help. That's why we started this business! Assisting you is what we do.