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During Your Free Initial Consultation, 

Your Estate Assistant will meet with those involved
in the dissolution or transition process. We'll listen to your needs,
expectations and concerns; discuss your goals and timeline, and answer any questions you may have. When appropriate, we'll ask about a Will & Trust and if there are any pre-existing guidelines that we should be aware of. When applicable, we walk the property and assess the overall situation. If you'd like to explore our services & solutions further, we'll prepare an estimate based on what we learned during our initial consultation, including an itemized list of ​services and fees for your full consideration.  

​Attorneys and Administrators faced with an
estate dissolution situation that requires everything from a thorough inventory with images to a complete clean out rely on ​​Your Estate Assistant for ethical
​and professional help.

Realtors with a listing prospect that needs help preparing their home for sale, or an unoccupied residence to empty, contact Your Estate Assistant.

​​Individuals and Families seeking assistance with aging adult downsizing, relocation or estate dissolution rely on Your Estate Assistant to provide guidance, patience and TLC.  Children of aging
parents often find that an Assistant is the neutral 
third party they've been looking for who can achieve positive results without family drama.

Your Estate Assistant, LLC

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